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When Spark* SF Public Schools was created three years ago, our purpose was to help SFUSD make Vision 2025 a reality. To that end, we focus on what all young people need to discover their spark and reach their full potential: 21st century teaching and learning that is personalized and infused with real-life tasks.

As our young people graduate and move into the next phase of their lives, we want each student in every school to be ready to succeed. With your investment, we’re starting to make great strides that wouldn’t have been possible with public funding alone.

Three years ago, only 4,365 students took a computer science course and the students did not fully reflect SFUSD’s student demographics. Now there are over 25,000 students enrolled in computer science courses and the composition of classes reflects the diversity of the district as a whole.

Three years ago, school-wide project based learning was rare in SFUSD. Now three middle schools are doing project based learning each and every day for over 1,000 students.

These are just a couple examples of how we are redefining school for our students.

We know we have a long way to go to truly transform SFUSD into one that reflects our collective aspirations. But we know if it’s possible anywhere, it’s possible right here in San Francisco – home of the forward-thinking, community-minded, entrepreneurial, and social impact-driven.

When public education is thriving in our city, it’s good for families, it’s good for our community, and most importantly, it’s good for our future.

Thank you for your ongoing support,

Iris Hu, Spark* Board Chair

Iris Hu, Spark* Board Chair

Gentle Blythe, Spark* President

Gentle Blythe, Spark* President



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Salesforce Partnership Transforming Computer Science Education in San Francisco


In 2015, SFUSD launched an ambitious goal to become the first public school district in the nation to offer computer science education to all students from pre-kindergarten through 12th grade. At that time, less than 1% of the district’s students were enrolled in a computer science class. Now, four years later, the district is well on its way to achieving its goal.

During the 2018-2019 school year, SFUSD offered computer science in 75% of schools (including 100% of middle and high schools), and is poised to reach 100% of all schools by 2021. This large-scale, systemwide transformation has been made possible through the partnership of Salesforce, which has granted more than $30 million to Spark* SF Public Schools over the past six years.

Salesforce’s investment in San Francisco’s public schools has updated the technology in our classrooms and has introduced computer science to tens of thousands of students, exposing them to the possibilities of STEM and encouraging them to pursue STEM careers. Our partnership has enabled SFUSD to build the nation’s first PreK-12 computer science curriculum, which is already being adopted widely beyond the district and is shaping computer science standards throughout the country.

But perhaps most significantly, Salesforce has helped SFUSD to make monumental progress in disrupting the long-standing inequities of access to computer science education by increasing the number of females, African American, LatinX, and English learners participating in computer science courses. With the lack of diversity in the tech sector, but an abundance of job opportunities right here in the San Francisco Bay Area, we know these changes can have significant long-term effects on the future of tech and equity.

Girls now make up 47% of computer science students in SFUSD (up from 25%) and underrepresented students of color (African America, LatinX, and Native American) make up 35% of computer science students (up from 8%). We’re also seeing similarly representative participation across English Learners and students with special needs. Together, we’re focusing on greater access and representation and supporting ALL students to develop not only the technical skills, but the soft skills like critical-thinking and resiliency, that are essential for success in the 21st century.

We look forward to bringing computer science to every single SFUSD student in the years ahead and continuing to blaze trails in STEM education.


SFUSD Computer Science Enrollment


Invest in San Francisco’s future today.

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