Towards Vision 2025 and the Graduate Profile

Superintendent’s 21st Century Awards

The SFUSD Graduate Profile serves as the anchor for Vision 2025 and identifies the knowledge, skills, dispositions and behaviors required by our 21st century world. Our goal is for SFUSD students to reflect the Graduate Profile, each in their own unique way, by the time they graduate.

Each year, Spark* SF Public Schools honors six students with the Superintendent’s 21st Century Award to recognize graduating seniors who exemplify these characteristics.


Jaheim Tate - Ready to Create


Jaheim Tate is a true embodiment of creativity, intelligence and motivation. As a school ambassador at Independence High School, he represents what it means to be a student leader within SFUSD, and a resource for his peers and the larger school community. Jaheim is a talented performer, community volunteer, member of the Black Student Union, part of the Yearbook Club and is currently enrolled in courses at City College of San Francisco to prepare him for post-graduation success. A highly skilled dancer, his desire to motivate others to express themselves authentically is at the root of his creative process. He’s a hardworking student and innovator who is ready to create.  

Any difference you have, it should not stop you from trying to achieve your goal or being comfortable with yourself.
— Jaheim Tate
Jaheim Tate

Ainsley Sanidad has shown herself to be a passionate advocate who displays empathy and values collaboration. She is a role model to her peers at Balboa High School, a shining example of self-respect and has a strong desire to develop solutions for real-world problems. With a focus on housing in San Francisco, her involvement with SFUSD’s PuLsE, a leadership pathway that allows students to explore their communities and become stewards of them, has motivated Ainsley to think critically about the world around her and create a positive impact while evolving as a student and leader. These qualities exemplify her readiness to think, learn and grow.

Ainsley Sanidad
PULSE (Peers United in Leadership, Service and Equity) inspired me to not only focus on economic issues but also social justice issues that affect minorities and people who look just like me.
— Ainsley Sinidad

Rebecca Cavanaugh - Ready to Lead


Rebecca Cavanaugh is synonymous with student leadership. As president of the School Site Council at Philip and Sala Burton High School, she works with her principal to create the agenda for monthly meetings attended by faculty, parents, and community advocates. Thoughtful and diligent, she demonstrates strong allyship and is an effective collaborator as evidenced through her involvement with SFUSD’s Student Advisory Council as well as her ongoing efforts to engage her peers in the political process while serving as an Elections Ambassador. With a strong belief that her voice can have impact and catalyze change within her community, Rebecca is undoubtedly ready to lead.

Being a leader means that you are humble and that you listen to other people’s ideas.
— Rebecca Cavanaugh
Rebecca Cavanaugh

Zhenyu Lin - Ready for Career


Determination is an understatement when describing Zhenyu Lin. When he walked into San Francisco International High School two years ago as a newcomer student, it was the beginning of what some would consider a challenge. His desire and motivation to succeed is evidenced in how he approaches his clear passion for computer engineering. He’s currently enrolled in courses at City College of San Francisco where he is learning coding, computer network security, calculus and information technology. Throughout his time within SFUSD, his teachers have served as mentors regularly encouraging him to pursue opportunities that will help prepare him to be ready for career.

Zhenyu Lin
My dream is to be a computer programmer because I know computers will be the future… Thank you SFUSD for helping me discover my career path in computer science.
— Zhenyu Lin

Jannelly Hernandez Umanzor - Ready to Be Their Best


Jannelly Hernandez Umanzor is a hard worker, unwavering in her pursuit to succeed. Undeterred by physical challenges and always with a positive disposition, she has excelled in her AP courses at Lincoln High School and gives back to her community with a great sense of compassion. She has served as a teacher’s aide and regularly helps tutor students who struggle academically. Jannelly aspires to become an app developer for people with disabilities to improve their access and mobility. Her passion for learning and genuine desire to connect with the world is a clear indication that she is ready to be her best.

I’m a student with cerebral palsy… My dream is to become an app developer and be able to create apps for people with disabilities.
— Jannelly Hernandez Umanzor
Jannelly Hernandez Umanzor

Joshua Park has proven that there is more than one way to inspire change in one’s community. A high achieving scholar at Lowell High School, he has proven that his passion for learning can extend far beyond the classroom. His involvement with the San Francisco Youth Commission is a demonstration of his passion for community advocacy. Identifying ways to make change in his community, he served on the Vote16 USA Youth Advisory Board which sought to lower the voting age to 16 in San Francisco. He is an outgoing, fearless student leader whose political engagement and experience serves as a demonstration that he is ready to tackle a changing world.

Joshua Park
Being a part of my choral program, I’ve traveled to Seattle and Chicago and been able to talk to a lot of different people from across the nation… I am ready to tackle a changing world.
— Joshua Park